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June 12, 2009
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Jun 11, 2009, 5:11:09 AM
KH: Deeper Still by Colt-kun KH: Deeper Still by Colt-kun
Take me deep enough that I can see
The bottom of your heart
Deep enough that I can know your will
Take me deep enough to know that we will never be apart
And when we get there...
Take me deeper still

Kingdom Hearts (c) Square Enix
Atlantica Sora and Kairi swimmable cosplay (The Tutorial)
~deliriumdreamer3 <- my amazing Kairi and personal lifeguard
~Colt-kun <- me as modified Sora

So. Have I mentioned that until recently, I've been excessively hydrophobic and haven't been near water in...ten years? Thanks to my Kairi's gentle coaxing and determination, I've gotten back in the water. I still have a period where I'm uneasy, but it's getting better. So a huge hand for her cause she just blows my mind sometimes. :3

wore these to Anime Oasis 09, Metrocon 09, AFO 09
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Pokeraep Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2013
How does it feel like to be a merman?
Colt-kun Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013
I don't think I can explain sufficiently. I lived on the beach and an island for so long my dad called me a water baby (which made my short bout of hydrophobia even funnier.) But I always thought I knew what swimming was like... this was something else.

There's a very giddy feeling, and you are a lot more aware of all the muscles. But your legs have to move in tandem to swim, so they really feel like one large tail. When you take the tail off, there is a huge sense of loss. Kicking my legs separately felt weird and I suddenly understood Ariel's moment of lifting her foot up and staring at it. My legs worked much better together in the water - I was faster and stronger. I dunno. It was just weird. You need to experience it.
Pokeraep Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
Oh I see ahaha. Thanks. But how does it feel around the waist and the belly?
Colt-kun Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
Wearing this version? like nothing, really... It wasn't uncomfortable at all. If you're not used to swimming it can wear out the muscles, but I think you'd feel it in your thighs first unless you're a strong swimmer. I'm working on a newer version with neoprene and we'll see how that goes.
Pokeraep Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
Yeah, that makes sense. Dosnt it get scary when your swimming underwater? Like because you cant breathe. Also why do you wear a shirt as a merman? Like it covers your top half then it shows the rest of your belly?
Colt-kun Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
I have some heavy scarring on my upper back that I don't like people looking at. I'm really sensitive about it. I plan on making a full chest version later if I can afford it.

And underwater swimming isn't really that scary. It can be if you're not used to it, but you can push yourself to have a bigger lung capacity.
Pokeraep Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
Yeah pretty understandable haha. :) But when your swimming dosnt your shirt go up a bit exposing more of your belly? and also in the costume how does your belly button feel?

Thanks for all of these answers:) ahaha you should post more pics soon
Colt-kun Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2013
not really, I've never had a problem with it riding up. And I dunno, like a belly button? Doesn't affect it.

I would post more pictures, but the costume fell apart. Swimwear isn't long lasting - especially if used frequently in a chlorinated pool. I am working on a new design for the tail now, but it's going to cost quite a bit to make it more durable so photos may be long in coming P:
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TheRadishMeister Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2012
how did you manage to wear them to a con? Did someone wheel you about in a trolley? ;P
Colt-kun Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2012
well, we met up with the sea witch and bargained away our voices for legs...
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